Presentations and Talks



Kelly Backes (speaker)(Yale University)

First Data and Operations of HAYSTAC Phase 2, Squeezed State Receiver Run

APS Virtual April Meeting, 2020

Daniel Palken (speaker)(University of Colorado, Boulder)

Data analysis for HAYSTAC’s Phase 2: the first quantum-enhanced run

APS Virtual April Meeting, 2020

Maria Simanovskaia (speaker)(University of California, Berkeley)

Characterization of a tunable higher-frequency cavity for HAYSTAC (Live)

APS Virtual April Meeting, 2020

Samantha Lewis (speaker)(University of California, Berkeley)

A Tunable Photonic Band Gap Resonator for HAYSTAC

APS Virtual April Meeting, 2020



Konrad Lenhert (speaker)(University of Colorado, Boulder)

Accelerating an Axionic Dark Matter Search with Quantum Technology.

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, 2017


Karl van Bibber (speaker)(UC Berkeley)

Ultra-sensitive Searches for the Axion

University of California, Berkeley, 2016



Karl van Bibber (speaker) (LLNL)

Cavity Microwave Searches for Cosmological Axions

CERN. Geneva, 2005



Kelly Backes (Yale University)

Squeezed State Quantum Receiver for HAYSTAC Phase II